Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Book Review by Vanessa, a Grade 4 Student

Good Pirate
French  Toast
         By: Kari-Lynn Winters
    Illustrated by: François Thisdale

A brief summary: In the book, Phoebe is on a walk with her grandma (who is blind). Some kids say as they pass by “Hey french toast”. Phoebe’s grandma asks why they call her that. Phoebe struggles to reply. Later on, Phoebe's grandma asks what colour her skin is. Phoebe says like maple syrup poured over french toast.

I like how the book talked about different skin tones but everyone should be treated the same. I did not like how some kids teased Phoebe about her skin.

I thought the book was a meaningful story that could teach people a lot about respect.

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