Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Book Review by Josie, a Grade 4 Student
My Brother Martin
By: Christine King Farris
Illustrated By: Chris Soentpiet

At the beginning, Martin Luther King Jr.´s sister remembers when Martin was first born in the same room as his sister. Martin parents worked far away, so his grandparents had to take care of him and his sister. Once in a while Martin and his sister would hide in a bush in front of their house, and they would stick out a furry thing and it would scare their parents.

I like that the book tells how Martin´s family grew up, and how he lived. What I did not like is that Martin´s friends had to move away.

I think that when Martin´s friends moved away I would've said to the parents "Why does he have to move away? We were really good friends."

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